Smart Watch Wireless Calling Pager Receiver

TD112 – Smart Watch Wireless Pager Receiver for Hookah, Bar, Cafe, Bistro, Fine dining rooms, nightclubs, fitness clubs, Saloon, and hospitals


Making your business more profitable and providing better service means higher profits. A happy guest or customer is a potential returning customer. In an industry where customer service can make or break a restaurant, it pays to invest in a Wireless restaurant paging system to improve the quality and speed of service. With products, you can spend less time running around and more time in front of customers. The goal of all products has been to increase your revenue while decreasing your overhead and expenses.

Customers press the call button; the table or location number will be shown on the staff smart watch receiver. The staff/waiter can figure out which table or location needs service. When food or drink is ready, the chef/bartender will call the waiter or staff on the smartwatch receiver to tell them where to pick up the food. (Kitchen or Bar)

  • RF wireless technology frequency AM 433MHz
  • Fashionable watch design
  • Dot matrix LCD screen
  • Up to 999 channels
  • Call button data pin support for custom
  • Single or list display mode
  • Accurate time display
  • Vibration/ Display Mode
  • Set date and time, alarm, and ON/OFF time.
  • Low-power indication
  • Built-in removable rechargeable battery
  • Can show Pay, Order, Call, Chef, or Kitchen.
  • Standby Time 48~72 hours
  • Receiving sensitivity -114dBm
  • Remind time 1-15 Seconds.
  • Waterproof level IPX7
  • Size 252 x 46 x 18mm / 9.9 x 1.8 x 0.7 inch
  • Weight 56g / 2oz


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