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Every customer-facing business needs a POS system in today’s modern age if they want to stay competitive. Restaurants are no exception. Restaurants need a POS system to manage their orders, menus, shifts, billings, and everything else included in their day-to-day operations.

BestServe has restaurant POS software and hardware that you can customize according to the type of restaurant and the scale on which it operates. The restaurant POS solution is flexible and can be easily tailored to your needs. We firmly believe that our work is incomplete until our customers are 100% satisfied with our services.

BestServe POS - Restaurant-Retail-Cell Phone-Electronics

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Restaurant POS

What Can a Restaurant POS do for your business?

A Restaurant POS can help your business in many ways. It can handle every aspect of your workflow with modules that have been specially programmed to assist the restaurant staff in the smooth running of the establishment. With efficient POS software, customer service, finances, and inventory management become more manageable.

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No worries. Maybe our Restaurant POS isn’t the right fit for your business, but that’s not all we offer. We have other solutions for you that might fit your needs better. Have a look at the options below:

Retail POS:

BestServe Retail POS has all the options and customizability any thriving retail business needs. Our Retail POS can help your retail business maximize its efficiency, no matter how small or big.


Mobibiz POS:

Are you a budding mobile phone business? Or maybe you’re an established cellphone shop looking to have a POS that has all the options you need. We have you covered! Our Mobibiz POS is a powerpack solution for all your needs.


Beauty Salon and Spa POS:

Need POS software that needs no makeup to make your business run beautifully? Let our Beauty Salon and Spa POS take a load of all the cumbersome books off your shoulders so you can concentrate on making your customers feel beautiful and relaxed.


Not here for the software?

Maybe it’s the hardware you’re looking for. Lucky for you, we have that too. Have a look at our store, and we are sure you’ll find something you’re looking for in our extensive inventory of top-notch POS hardware.

We have an extensive range of all the hardware that you could possibly need to set up your POS. we have:



We have a full range of POS accessories to help you augment the capabilities of your POS System. From cables and connectors to cash register locks and security systems. From mounting equipment to stylus pens and keypad shields. Whatever you need, we’re confident you’ll find it here.


A barcode scanner is an inextricable part of any POS system. A good or lousy scanner can make or break your POS. That is why we have a curated selection of the best available scanners for various codes and are confident that you’ll find one that’s right for you.


No POS system can function without a cash drawer. A secure, compatible, and reliable cash drawer is required for any POS system. We have chosen only the best cash drawers to make sure your cash and receipts are safe, and you are stress-free.


They say a rude machine is worse than a rude employee. The POS terminal is what does all the processing. It is the brain of the operation. As such, you want one that is reliable and easy to use. We have a good collection of functionally excellent and cost-effective POS terminals for you to choose from.


The printer cannot be underestimated in its use for a POS system, whether it is for printing dockets, bills, or tax invoices. A good printer is mandatory for the proper function of any POS system. Here, you will find some of the best printers that we have hand-picked to ensure you get a smooth experience.



Your kitchen staff needs to know what to prepare and when to prepare it. Clarity is crucial here, and a smudgy, misprinted docket could spell disaster. This is why we have picked out reliable kitchen printers for the most pivotal area of your restaurant’s operation.


Hardware is only as good as the supplies you put in it. Good supplies are crucial for the proper function of your POS equipment and can also increase their lifespan. Protect your investment with our hand-picked, high-quality supplies.


A clear, legible invoice tells your customer that you’re a brand that cares for the finer details. That’s why you can’t settle for blotty, streaky prints. Check out our selection of reliable receipt printers so you can instill confidence in your paying customers.

And that’s not all; we have so much more.


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