A smooth checkout experience can also contribute towards customer satisfaction, and we at BestServe are experts in tailoring that experience. You can select a credit card, debit card, or cash POS terminal from our wide selection of payment systems. The POS Terminals can also be customized by adding prompts, graphics, and other accessories that will facilitate the customer.

For retailers, the POS terminals are embedded with applications and have a user-friendly keypad to allow the customers to swipe their cards and enter their pin code. The screens display their total bill and give the customer more control over the payment process. There are also secure options for credit card payments that include stylus pens for signature capture. These POS terminals convenient for the environmentally-conscious business and allows the checkout procedure to be paperless. The receipt can be emailed to the customer, and a touchpad enables them to enter their email address or phone number.

POS terminals come with encryption technologies that prevent the misuse of customer information. They are also used by banks and other financial institutions that deal with sensitive information. We deal with hardware from the industry-leading brands and offer multiple options in the LCD screens, keypad, and other accessories of the terminal. The systems can be programmed according to the required functionality, and the system is entirely customizable.

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