The POS system is incomplete without the cash drawer. Money, change, receipts, and other paper-based products can be organized and stored in it. The drawers are connected to the system and only open up when payment is processing. We at BestServe have cash drawers that are compatible with every type of POS system. These drawers are sturdy and can withstand rigorous opening and closing.

Cash drawers are necessary for the security of the business and categorized according to the cash-flow of the company. For example, there are electronic and manual POS cash drawers available. You can buy heavy-duty tamer roof drawers, which can only be opened at a command from the printer. They come with robust locks and industrial grade-steel that is resistant to break-ins. The drawer is divided into compartments to provide organized storage space.

We understand that each enterprise differs from the services it offers and the type of customers they attract. To make sure the checkout experience is tailored, the best cash drawer solution is recommended to you. Experts approve all products, and we have consultants to help decide which drawer would work well with your POS system. There is a choice of colors and the different sizes available to fit into any space.

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